Life Coaching

What is coaching?
Coaching is a vehicle that takes the clients from where they are today to where they dream to be. Through powerful questions (not advice) Anna gets her clients in contact with their true essence. Coaching addresses the clients’ whole life from their values, goals, dreams, relationship to money to their balance between work and family and friends. The coaching agenda comes from the clients. Anna’s clients are motivated individuals who all want more out of their lives and who all have different definitions of success. Most clients want to achieve specific goals so that they can live more fulfilled and balanced. Anna assist her clients in revealing their life and then together they make an action plan. After completing desired amount of coaching hours her clients will start to see their lives and surroundings with different eyes. Ones they start making changes in one part of their life, many other areas get affected.

How does it work?
Through the initial 2hr discovery session Anna asks questions to get to know everything about her clients so that she knows what dreams and aspirations she is to hold for them as they go into the coaching process. Coaching is all about knowing your clients values and their “Big A agenda” their bigger picture of who they want to become and what they want to achieve in their lives. In the discovery session the client gets to experience what coaching is, total confidentiality is confirmed, and the client gets a chance to express how they want to be coached.

The coaching session
Each session lasts for 1hr and 3-4 sessions are conducted a month. Clients sign up for an initial commitment of 3 months since coaching is a process and not a “quick fix”. In between the sessions Anna gives her client’s requests and homework depending on what actions she identifies are needed in that session for them to move forward. Anna also coach teams and relationships (couples). The relationship coaching can be husband-wife, manager-employee and any constellation of relationships in need of change and understanding.

Who benefits from coaching?
Every one of all ages will benefit from life coaching. If you feel stuck in a situation, unsure of your direction in life or struggling with self esteem and self worth. Also clients who want healthier relationships (with others and self) and also people who want to learn how to claim their power back in their work/family life. So life coaching is for every one in every area of their lives!