Hear what some of Anna’s clients has to say about their journey with her.

Meet Louise

“I had some work and personal goals that I wished to achieve and a close friend, who was already on her coaching journey, suggested I try coaching. As a believer in self-investment, I thought an independent view on how I could reach my goals would be a great idea.  When I met with Anna, I was instantly at ease with her calm nature and patient, yet upbeat attitude. I have been on an important development journey and can see a difference in my approach to various areas of my life already – everything is connected! Anna – thank you so much for your positivity and promoting courage with my adventure! “

Meet Rebecca

This testimonial is quite tricky for me to write as words can simply not express how Anna has changed my life in the past few years. 

Anna has a true gift; she has a wonderful positive energy, a caring listening ear and a no nonsense approach that will challenge you to make changes to your life.  What amazed me with Anna was her intuition. It’s sometimes so difficult to find the words to describe how we feel about a job or a situation; Anna simply knows how you feel and helps you to put it in to words.  Anna changed my life and I will be eternally grateful.”

Meet Louise

In 2015 I took an important decision to resign from my career of 13 years.Iknew that I needed a good coach, who would get me through all my insecurities. Anna was there by my side for several months, and she gently, but confidently helped me to go through the turmoil of emotional transformation. Intuitive, curious and inquiring, compassionate and very energizing, Anna have helped me to pull all my powers together, and to implement my decision.”

Meet Sina

“I started taking life coaching sessions with Anna in 2013, when I got to a point in my life where I wanted to become a better version of myself. Four years later, I’m proud to say that I’ve come a long way as I have a learned a lot about myself and who I really want to be. The most valuable lesson for me was (and still is) my awareness of my values. All decisions we make in our lives are based on our values, except that the majority of us live unconsciously and are not always aware of what we say yes/no to when we make decisions. I have come to discover sides of myself that were hidden for years. I discovered that I have a passion for adventure, keeping fit, learning about the self, and the passion for finding ways to look at the positive side of things. The learning journey continues, I’m still finding my way to that magnificent self of mine that I want to be, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. 

Thank you Anna for being truly inspiring. I’m proud to say that I’m still taking life coaching session with you, and that’s my time to tap into all my strengths and fears, unleashed and unafraid.”

Meet Gemma

“I was introduced to Anna and was immediately drawn to her positivity. I wasn’t quite ready at the time to start the journey I have now been on for about a year and half, but it was only a couple of months and I plucked up the courage to email her and tell her ‘I’m ready!’. It was the best thing I ever could have done for myself! I wanted to make a lot of changes to myself in terms of growing meaningful personal relations, and gain a better understanding of what it meant to just live your life happily and let go of negativity. The journey I have been on with Anna has been truly incredible, I’m still me but a better version of myself. I continue I develop myself with Anna, she is inspirational, judgment free and a genuine kind person. Thank you Anna for being part of my journey! Peace x”

Meet Jamila

“My name is Jamila, I am a UAE national and a mother of two. I met Anna in 2008 when I was joining her LesMills classes. I had a lot of pressure from work and home giving me a lot of anxiety.  Anna’s classes made me relax. I found out that Anna is a life coach and I started coaching with her in 2008. I was insecure and dependent on other people for small things and Annas coaching empowered me and made me rise to my potential. I started taking charge of my life and my children became happy for me. Anna is real, humble and supportive. She has the ability to read my mind and coach me to take action. In our first session she helped me to create a “happiness suitcase”. I never expected that everything in that suitcase could come true one day, but it did. I am fulfilled now and I would call Anna my #soulchanger”

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