I’m Anna Wallentén!


My story

I am obsessed with human transformation. I have perfected my craft through university degrees and a number of courses to reach the place where I am today. Originally from Sweden, I have worked for the past 15 years expanding people’s lives around the globe. I have worked with highly motivated business owners and organizations such as CITI Bank and Canadian Embassy elevating the minds of their leaders. Through my unique style, and my set of tools and skills, I will do whatever it takes to show you a life you never ever thought was possible. After extensive research of the human mind and behavior, I have specialized my craft around 3 main areas:

• Your relationship with you

• Your intimate relationship

• Your relationship with money

If you are stuck in any of these 3 areas, I am your solution. I will hold you accountable, and be your biggest fan, as you step into your unstoppable greatness!
So, let’s do this!
There is a whole life
waiting for you on the
other side of your fears!


UNITEC Institute of Technology
Bachelor of International Communication
Auckland // New Zealand

Hawaii Pacific University
Bachelor of International Communication
Dean’s List, 2002
Hawaii // U.S.A

Music Studies University of Gothenburg
Double Major in Jazz Vocals & Modern Dance 
Gothenburg // Sweden    


Co Active Leadership Program Coaches Training Institute(CTI) / Barcelona, Spain

Certified Personal Trainer ACE American Council of Exercise / Dubai, UAE

Certified Professional Co Active Life Coach (CTI) (CPCC) /Dubai, UAE

Qualified Relationship & Team Coach  (CTI) (ORSC) / Dubai, UAE

Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Attack,GRIT Series Instructor / Dubai, UAE

Certified Fitness Instructor: LesMills International


Swedish Gold Medalist/National Champion – M1 Power lifting 2016 2017 2018

6th place in IPF World Classic Power lifting Championships – M1 2017

4th place in IPF European Masters Power lifting Championships – M1 2018

Gold Medalist in Bench press in IPF European Masters Power lifting Championships – M1 2018