Things that hold individuals back from change

You may have set goals, made resolutions, or created a plan to change your life in some way—only to fail. If you want to live your best life now, you need to understand what holds you back from making changes that last. Through my practice at AW Peak Performance Coaching, I work with clients to help them learn how to create lasting change in their personal and professional lives.

A Poverty Mindset

Many people go through life with a poverty mindset, not just financially but personally as well. The poverty mindset is about never having enough—enough money, enough love, enough support and living in lack. This mindset can cause you to feel helpless like there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation.

My goal is to teach you how to get out of that mindset. Through AW Peak Performance Coaching, you can learn how changing your outlook can produce real change in your life. You will also learn strategies to help you develop an expansive mindset, so you can face challenges with more confidence.

Lack of Goals

Sometimes people fail to make the changes they want because they don’t have clearly defined goals. Vague goals often feel unachievable, which leaves you thinking, “Why try?”

I will help you identify your vision and your goals, and then I will help you desing the ultimate version of you, your “avatar”. 

Once you have discovered your “avatar”, I will help you with the tools that is going to help you achive your goals no matter what obstacles you may encounter. 

Lack of Attention

A third thing that holds people back from making a lasting change in their life is a lack of attention to themselves. They are so busy dealing with the world around them, their responsibilities, and other people. These people fail to think about themselves and learn about who they are.

My coaching practice provides a retreat called Awaken The Leader where you will put the focus back on yourself. You get the chance to reconnect with the person you really want to show up as in the world. At Awakent The Leader you will discover your passions, and your dreams and goals and I will provide you with the tools to truly step into them. 

Toxic Self-Talk

You may have heard the saying, “Whether you say yes or no, you’re right.” The idea behind this saying is that your words have power. Whatever you say and believe is, in many cases, what will happen. I believe that toxic self-talk will prevent you from realizing the changes in your life you want to see.

You can limit your ability to succeed by convincing yourself that you can’t do something. You may sabotage yourself through negative comments and thoughts. Through my coaching, you can learn how to turn those negative statements into positive affirmations that help you reach your goals. We explore why and how you have this toxic relationship with yourself. You will learn how to clear those limiting ideas and create rituals for success.

Not Investing in Yourself

Perhaps the biggest reason that holds people back from change is not investing in themselves. Most people struggle to make changes on their own. They need mentors, coaches, encouragers, and support to help them stick with a new plan. If no one even knows they are trying to change their life, it’s easier to give up when something gets in the way.

Don’t let negative self-talk become the loudest voice in your head instead of listening to those who believe in you. If you are willing to commit to one-on-one coaching with AW Peak Performance Coaching, you will have someone who works with you to elevate your life. You’ll have regular meetings where you will learn important information and be held accountable for your actions.

Whether you choose coaching, online courses, workshops, in-person retreats, or a combination, you need to invest time and money in yourself if you want to see lasting change. Once you commit to spending time and money on yourself, you’re more likely to stick with it and see success.

Live Your Best Life Now

If you’re ready to take action and make a real change in your life, don’t do it alone. AW Peak Performance Coaching can help you make those changes that will have lasting results. I want to help you improve your relationship with yourself, your intitmate relationship and money. Contact Anna at AW Peak Performance Coaching for a free sample session to help you learn more about how you can go from being stuck to unstoppable.