What your coach will ask of you

If you’re looking for a way to achieve your goals, I can help. I provide premium individual coaching to assist you in your personal accomplishments. Stop waiting for the right time to get things done. Work with me to better yourself today.

What Is a Peak Performance Coach?

A peak performance coach helps you achieve your personal and professional goals. I work with you to identify your areas of improvement, set goals, and create a plan to help you reach those ambitions. 

I will provide accountability and support for my peak performance coaching participants. My coaching benefits those experiencing a significant life transition. 

I can help those with self-esteem issues or those who feel stuck in their current situation. 

What Are Some Questions I Like To Ask? 

What Goals Do You Want to Achieve In Your Life?

I like my clients to be specific about their plans to help me tailor their sessions for them. You can ask me as many questions as possible to help us be in sync with each other.

Goals will help you make better decisions and determine what you want to do. They drive you to reach your full potential. When you have a clear path, you become more confident.

Are You Happy With the Current Direction Your Life Is Going?

I ask this question to determine how much work we need to do together. If you are happy with the direction your life is taking, I will help you stay on the right track. I can help you identify what is missing in your life and help you find a way to achieve it.

Do You Have Any Bad Habits Holding You Back?

Bad habits can be painful and costly. How do you know if you have a bad habit that’s holding you back?

I will assess your situation and help you get out of bad habits and into good ones. We will figure out together what’s happening in your life right now, what you are good at, what’s been holding you back, etc.

How Much Time and Energy Are You Currently Investing In Your Personal Growth?

I ask you this to gauge your effort in continuous development to achieve optimal growth. Personal growth can help you get your life to a place where you’re comfortable. Change takes time and effort, but when you invest in your personal growth, you can learn healthy adaptation.

What Areas of Your Life Need the Most Improvement?

I can help you determine what areas of your life you need to improve. If you aren’t sure how to get your life on track, I will work with you to plan a path to success.

What Kind Of Support Would Be Helpful To You in Achieving Your Goals?

I prefer using different strategies that mirror my clients’ personalities. I base my coaching on proven methodologies. My sessions will resonate with you to help you feel more comfortable. 

Wrapping Up With Premium Individual Coaching 

If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, we can help you. Do you want to learn more about premium individual coaching by Anna Wallenten? Contact us today at AW Peak Performance Coaching to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation.